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  • Wishing you a cordial welcome to Our Lady of the Cape Shrine!
    Have a very pleasant virtual visit or come and live it!

Marie Novena
Novena Prayer
to Our Lady of the Cape

O Holy Virgin Mary, our most merciful Mother,
we Your children humbly prostrate before You,
implore Your grace and help.

With confidence we come to You, O Queen
of the Holy Rosary; to You do we turn our
eyes. Bestow on us, we beg You, this special
favour which we ask ...

Grant us health of body and purity of soul;
increase our faith and love so that we may
know Your divine Son better and serve Him
ever faithfully.

O tender and merciful Mother, intercede for
those who are dear to us. Heal the sick, comfort
the dying and have pity on the faithful departed.
Protect our families; guard our country; and
keep holy Mother Church safe from all evil.

Our Lady of the Cape, may we love You more
and more, so that one day united with You
in heaven, we may praise Your Son eternally.