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  • Wishing you a cordial welcome to Our Lady of the Cape Shrine!
    Have a very pleasant virtual visit or come and live it!

The Shrine of Our Lady of the Cape in the era of the smartphone


The Shrine of Our Lady of the Cape
In the era of the smartphone

Ecran mobile SNDCTrois-Rivières, Wednesday, May 20, 2015 - We are in the era of new information technologies. In recent years the Shrine of Our Lady of the Cape has sought to utilize new communication tools. Today we offer to pilgrims and tourists an “interactive” version of our website. “It is now the norm to be interactive!” says Dominique Boucher, Director of Operations of the NP2 advertising firm. Advertising platforms are becoming more diverse; it is important to address our clients where they are, and to offer them a smooth and pleasant customer experience”, continues Ms. Boucher.

Surfing the mobile version

The number of visitors who frequent the Shrine websire through their mobile phones has increased by over 947% between 2011 and 2014. This increase is determined by statistical studies done by NP2 on the number of visits to the Shrine website.

The shrine website is already available in a mobile version, and allows visitors to enjoy a better browsing experience: an easy, dynamic, precise and effective navigation. It was conceived and designed to fit all types of smartphones. This new “interactive” version includes useful settings and options, such as the history of the Shrine, its services, organized events, schedules and celebrations.

“After relatives and friends, the Internet is the first source of referral for tourism The use of mobile devices continues to grow. “From planning, to booking travel with access to real-time geographic information, as well as customer service, the mobile device has become the favorite companion of the traveler, either before, during, or after the trip,” writes the Tourism Intelligence Network in an analysis done in 2014. Since last year, the consultation of the Mauricie Tourism website via mobile devices (phones and tablets) accounts for 40% of traffic compared with 25% the previous year. At this rate, by the end of 2015, one tourist in two will visit our mobile site. If Mauricie Tourism and businesses want to continue to effectively reach customers, they need to turn this “interactive” website We can only welcome this business decision of the Shrine of

Our Lady of the Cape, “says Ms. Anaïs Laurent, Deputy Director General and Marketing Director for Mauricie Tourism.
“Our goal is to offer tourists, pilgrims, and the entire population the opportunity to learn about us, to have access to news from the Shrine, so they can follow us through all types of media,” explained Oblate Father Yoland Ouellet.

“Making life easier for tourists and pilgrims is at the heart of our concerns and is the reason why we are meeting their needs by utilizing effective tools. In this way that we adapt to their habits and needs,“ concluded the Rector of the Shrine.


Source : Our Lady of the Cape Shrine
Anolia Roussot - 819 374-2441